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Liquid eyeliner for your dramatic look.

We are so happy to hear that!! Keep an eye out on our social media pages for promo codes, so you can stock up on all the colors!!

Liquid eyeliner for your dramatic look.

I LOVE the Iris color! I wish I could have all the colors - they are so beautiful!
Ouwala D

I just got these brushes. I have never owned such a beautiful and soft set of brushes!!!! I just can’t wait to use them! Now if I can only keep them away from my twin daughters!!

These brushes were given to me by a friend and quite honestly, I've never spent more than $50 on a set of brushes so I was curious about them just based on price point alone. I wanted to see if they were worth the price and now that I've been using them a few months, I would say yes. There is quite a big difference between the inexpensive ones I had before and this much nicer set. Among the most noticeable differences, were the softness of the bristles and how much better they felt to use. Another big difference was their abilities in application and blending. I use less product because the product is not staying stuck in the brush. My application technique was quite heavy handed, since I was used to cheap brushes. You will definitely notice a difference in how your makeup goes on. Even old makeup, or cheaper products seem to go on much easier and more evenly when using the Hikari brushes. I used to feel very frustrated with blending and watched so many tutorials on how to blend out eyeshadow. I now see that my problem wasn't necessarily my technique, but the tools I was using. Eyeshadow application is much easier with these brushes. Would I actually purchase some for myself? If I had extra money yes I would. They aren't a super necessity but they are very nice and the quality is very good. I think they will last a long time. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves makeup and wants to use high quality tools.
Jessica Marsh

Thank you, Serena! We are so excited to hear that!

I got these brushes as a gift and I’m absolutely in love with them! They are such high quality, and extremely soft. 10/10 recommend.
Serena Jalbert

Can we appreciate a close up of some beautiful lashes! #makeupmacromonday by emilysmakeupbag is one of my favorite tags.
I hope you all have a beautiful week!

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No filters here. Just natural light and my makeup! I know james_s_welsh would be proud!

I’m going to continue talking about how great this hikaricosmetics lip gloss is. The color is Fate.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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